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Tanny's Meow by Ursula M. Ferro

Why have I written this book?

Dear Reader,

I have worked in schools and as a child development consultant with parents for over 40 years. I have been deeply concerned that there are so few children's books portraying gay or lesbian parents as one kind of family.

Tanny's Meow is the first of a series of children's stories. These tales of animals and family events are very appealing to young children. They are unique in that the main characters happen to be a family with two moms. Two moms is not the main topic, it is simply "Rachel's family".

When Tanny's Meow was read to a group of second graders, I was delighted to hear that the children identified with Rachel and became completely engrossed in Tanny's escapades. No mention was made of "two moms". This is exactly what I had hoped for. Just as when we read children stories in which there is a mom and a dad, children do not usually comment on this fact.

The world of children's literature is sadly lacking this type of positive affirmation for children with two moms (or two dads).

I feel it is critical that all children hear stories with these LGBT models, thus developing an understanding that there are many kinds of families.

Our children need to grow up feeling positive about themselves and their peers, celebrating that which is special about each person. If we begin exposing our young children to stories with LGBT families in a "matter of fact" manner, my hope is we will begin to end anti-LGBT bias in our communities.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Tanny, Rachel and her family.